Director: Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland (2016) BBFC cert: U

Swooping into cinemas in time for half term, this bird brained animated adventure offers loopy entertainment for the little ones.

The animation is great, the slapstick is fun and its good natured energy propels the silly story along.

Storks have moved out of baby delivering and now operate a delivery service to rival Amazon. In their vast corporate eyrie of a warehouse, the promotion of the top sales rep is threatened when the firm’s adopted human orphan accidentally creates a baby.

Together they set off to deliver the cute bundle of joy to the right address, suffering setbacks and pursued by a wacky pack of wolves along the way.

Kelsey Grammer and Jennifer Aniston are the voices you’ll recognise as the stork CEO and a career minded mum.

Your kids will learn how to guilt trip you into spending time with them and afterwards you should be prepared to answer a few questions as to where babies really come from. So good luck with that.