Kids In Love

Director: Chris Foggin (2016) BBFC cert: 15

This sunny British coming of age drama has the blissed-out colour saturation of a London lifestyle commercial. And is populated by characters of a similar emotional depth.

It’s a big step down for Will Poulter after his excellent playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar winning The Revenant (2016).

He’s curiously lethargic as Jack, a gap year student who gives up his trip to South America when he falls in with a wealthy bohemian crowd.

The charity chugger rejects his secure middle class background and future law career to pursue his passion for photography and a flaky French beauty called Eveleyn.

Model turned actress Alma Jodorowsky gives an uneven performance and generates an alarming lack of chemistry opposite Poulter.

Evelyn has a shady boyfriend and lives in a large shared house with a group of carefree bright young things who spend their time in the capital’s cafes, clubs and street festivals.

They’re played with a nicely judged light comic touch by Preston Thompson, Gala Gordon and Cara Delevingne.

Though the latter is on far more animated form than her lamentable turn in recent super hero disaster Suicide Squad (2016), her performance is really more of an extension of her carefully cultivated public image than a dramatic role.

These are adults not kids and there’s not much love between them.