Cert 18 130mins Stars 4

Back in the 1980’s, confrontational Dutchman, Paul Verhoeven, directed some great satirical sci-fi such as the original Robocop. Then in the 1990’s he created the memorable trashy flesh-fests, Basic Instinct, and Showgirls.

Now he’s back to seduce you, with this stylish and twisted psychological thriller.

Isabelle Huppert is mesmerising as Michele, raped in her home by a masked assailant. Among many awards for her performance as the defiantly sharp-tongued and sexy businesswoman, the French superstar actress deservedly won the Golden Globe and was Oscar nominated.

As Michele sets about finding the perpetrator, we witness the shocking and graphic attack several times. Each version reveals more about the attack, and of Michele’s perception of herself.

Through stalking, voyeurism, and violence, the script explores questions of consent and culpability. This being Paris, marital affairs are rife in Michele’s social circle. Her response to her violation stirs the muddy waters of morality with a devious elegance.