Cert 15 Stars 2

Shailene Woodley stars in this painfully introspective, indulgent and lethargic romantic drama as Daphne, a thirty-something woman in a love triangle with two she meets at a party.

An accomplished, intelligent actress with a strong screen presence, back in 2014 Woodley seemed set for Hollywood superstardom after starring in the smash romantic drama The Fault in Our Stars, but following the big budget sci-fi disappointment of the Divergent films her career has mostly been TV based.

Co-star Jamie Dornan is best known for the Fifty Shades franchise and so is more than comfortable getting his kit off, while Sebastian Stan – best known as Marvel superhero The Winter Soldier – isn’t a slouch in the pecs and abs department either.

Director Drake Doremus seems hugely influenced by arthouse maestro Terrence Malick, who’s far from my favourite filmmaker, plus he allowed his cast to employ a semi-improvisational method which actors love but it has mixed results for the audience, as is often the case. And just like in Daphne’s life we have to endure an awful lot of being stuck in the middle.