Cert 15 Stars 2

This feather light US romcom floats about in a pleasant enough way and occasionally forcing a smile but never laughter.

Adapted from writer Sophie Kinsella’ 2003 chick-lit novel, this feels exactly what it is, a weak combination rip-off of Bridget Jones and Sex in the City, and it’s as dated as that sounds, despite being updated to ‘now’, moved across the pond and littered with an attractive young cast.

A game and likeable Alexandra Daddario stars as Emma, a junior marketing assistant experiences massive turbulence on a flight home, and believing she’s going to die she unloads all her most intimate secrets to the handsome stranger sat next to her.

Unfortunately he turns out to be her new CEO, and is played by TV Superman Tyler Hoechlin, who’s mostly required to stand around looking handsome and bemused at Emma’s antics, a bit like err, Clarke Kent, but without the glasses.

It’s hard to argue with the film’s message of honesty in relationships, but lame innuendo fails to substitute for insight or wit.