Cert PG Stars 3

This uplifting and heartwarming fable sees Richard Dreyfuss give some teeth to a drama which makes a quiet yet passionate plea for more considerate treatment for the elderly and recognise their experience and expertise remains of value to society.

A billionaire entrepreneur advertisers a lottery which offers twelve winners a place in an X Factor-style public vote to decide which person will be offered a free seat on the first commercial flight in space.

Although Angus has an affecting friendship with his young grandson, relations with his daughter and in-laws are more fraught and Angus lies to them about having entered the competition.

Plus he’s desperate to escape the confines of his nursing home and the script happily launches rockets at the exploitation of the elderly thorough the astronomical cost of care.

Dreyfuss bestows the lonely widower with an agreeably spiky dignity, humility and wisdom, and there’s a welcome refusal to engage in twinkly-eyed mawkishness as Angus attempts to have a close encounter with destiny