Cert 15 Stars 4

Black panther star Chadwick Boseman swaps the marvel superhero universe for the life of a New York police detective in this stylish, slick and violent crime thriller.

He forms an aggressive double act with Sienna Miller who gives the latest in a line of impressive performances as a narcotics officer with whom he’s unwillingly teamed.

They’re investigating the brutal slayings of seven New York police and a missing haul of cocaine.

Manhattan’s 21 bridges are sealed off to trap the suspects on the island, but the police only have until 5am to find them before the bridges must reopen for the morning rush hour.

This is the sort of hard-edged thriller Denzel Washington might have made in his action heyday with director Tony Scott, and Boseman carries himself with a similar magnificent brooding menace, intelligence and charisma.

A welcome willingness to address US social divisions gives depth to the drama and it’s never at the expense of the bullet-ripping action.