Cert 15 Stars 4

Ukulele renditions of Taylor Swift and Neil Diamond songs add a new dimension of terror to the apocalypse in this raucous Australian zombie comedy where good taste and restraint are immediate casualties.

Lupita Nyong’o’s talent and charisma are essential to raising the emotional stakes and giving gloss and fresh energy to what could be been a run-of-the-mill exercise in brain-eating carnage.

A cheerfully sweary and bloody antidote to her darkly disturbing and Oscar worthy turn earlier this year in horror movie, Us, Nyong’o plays a wholesome and sweet kindergarten teacher.

A school trip to a petting farm goes off syllabus when the secret military base next door accidentally unleashes a horde of lurching flesh-eating zombies.

Trapped with Nyong’o and her pupils in a souvenir shop are Alexander England’s immature slacker, and Josh Gad’s creepy TV entertainer.

There’s plenty of foul language among the guts and gore and I childishly giggled along as the mayhem erupted into blood splattered violence.