Cert 15 109mins Stars 4

Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen experience the horrors of internet dating in this quietly compelling and twisty thriller.

The pair deliver tremendous performances of calculated deception and superficial charm, with Mirren irresistibly demure and mischievous as a wealthy widow.

She’s preyed on by McKellen’s dapper English scoundrel who runs financial scams out of a London gentlemen’s club. In a moustache and blazer he’s every inch an English scoundrel in the mould of Terry-Thomas and is aided by Downton Abbey star Jim Carter, posing as an avuncular accountant.

A trip to see Quentin Tarantino’s revisionist Second World War movie Inglourious Basterds, underlines how easy it is to manufacture history, especially where online profiles are concerned.

The date forewarns us of the violence to follow and as the tension is methodically cranked up we’re we’re gently led to a very dark place where the deliberate tearing of a dress is as violent in intent and as shocking as the brutal murders we witness.