Cert 15 101mins Stars 4

Bleak, compassionate, and powerful, this frighteningly realistic portrait of modern Britain by veteran director Ken Loach, is very much a companion piece to his devastating 2016 drama, I, Daniel Blake.

Kris Hitchen and Debbie Honeywood play a decent hardworking couple struggling to survive working as a delivery driver and a carer in the unforgiving regime of zero hours contracts, a system which values efficiency over humanity.

And in their damp and cramped rented home, their increasingly desperate and exhausted existence begins to impact on their two teenage kids.

Once again Loach fails to exploit the possibilities of Newcastle Upon Tyne as a location which offers plenty of opportunity to visually illustrate the UK’s wealth gap.

Plus there’s scant music and the dialogue is so functional and camerawork so perfunctory, it feels we’re watching a radio play.

Sadly there’s not much chance of this changing the world but it does make you think more kindly of white van men.