Cert 15 110mins Stars 4

Be blown away by Jennifer Lopez who gives a career best turn as a stripper on the make in this glossy, muscular and funny real life comedy-drama which wears its social conscience on its sleeve.

Re-affirming her diva status with the most outrageous entrance of the year, Lopez plays the old hand teaching Constance Wu’s newbie the pole dancing ropes, before the pair turn to crime to fleece their wealthy Wall Street clients.

Lorene Scafaria unashamedly borrows Martin Scorsese’s moves as she directs with a stylish verve, and it’s produced by Adam McKay who’s made another scathing exploration of greed to stand alongside his 2015 Oscar winner, The Big Short.

In their riotous way they show how the financial crash of 2008 screwed the uneducated and low-skilled while the powerful and wealthy got away scot free.

Lopez also co-produces and you can’t take your eyes off her in an commanding performance which hoists her back to the top of Hollywood’s greasy pole.