Cert 15 98mins Stars 2

Superman star Henry Cavill leads a police team on a dull trudge through this solemn and lacklustre serial killer crime thriller which takes itself far too seriously for it’s own good, and suffers as a consequence suffers a near fatal breakdown.

The brooding and bearded Brit actor is the detective investigating the murders of young women, an outrageous case involving multiple personality disorder, paedophiles and online grooming.

Alexandra Daddario plays his psychobabble expert, with Stanley Tucci his sweary boss and Nathan Fillion as his tech guy, though none of whom are given room to add depth or subtlety.

On the plus side we have Ben Kingsley as a baseball bat swinging vigilante, who’s teamed with the winningly nonchalant and foul-mouthed Eliana Jones.

But mostly it’s an ill-judged, silly and grim experience full of uninspired set pieces, with an overcooked potboiler plot which feels compelled to provide a measure of mawkish family values to digest its own grisly indulgences.