Cert 12A 85mins Stars 1

Crossing the galaxy seems to take eons in this suffocatingly soporific sci-fi, which is indulgent, portentous and stage bound.

Rupert Graves and Ellie Kendrick play humanoid alien scientists who leave their home world to colonise a world light years away.

Their biblical names point to where the story is headed and there should be a ban on films naming the lead female character any variation of Eve.

They perform slow space-yoga, and stare moodily into middle distance waiting for anything to happen.

Plus the script flies in the face of convention by bravely having the pair express their every thought. Communicating telepathically is no excuse for the banality of their conversations or their stilted delivery.

The budget seems to be on a pair with an episode of Dr Who, but without the quality of design, writing or performance.

There may be life out there but you won’t find much here.

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