Cert 15 99mins Stars 3

Taking its title from the album of indie rockers, Bur, this shoe-gazing indie drama plays out to the music of London’s post-Britpop era.

Natalie is a graphic artist who reluctantly works in advertising, Liam is an aspiring musician who refuses to sell out, and harangues strangers in record shops for their poor taste. 

Their long-playing relationship was stuck on repeat and has recently broken up. As they divide their considerable music collection, we repeatedly flashback to see how they arrived in this unhappy place.

Freya Mavor and Josh Whitehouse have a sweet chemistry when they first meet, and are energetically supported by a cast playing enjoyably eccentric friends, bar staff and bandmates.

Despite not featuring Blur, the music is nicely curated and strays away from obvious Britpop stalwarts such as Oasis, favouring instead the tunes of Radiohead, Spiritualized and Stereophonics.

And there’s no escaping the ghost of Nick Hornby’s classic, High Fidelity, which hangs in the air.


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