Cert 12A 99mins Stars 3

Pay close attention to this ghostly sci-fi drama which will test your memory as well as your patience.

Lois Smith plays an 85 year old widow of failing health who has a computer programme possessed of artificial intelligent to keep her company.

Marjorie has directed it to learn to adopt the personality of her husband as she remembers him.

And having not yet lost her marbles she insists it projects itself in hologram form as the handsome young version of her man, when he looked like Jon Hamm from TV’s Madmen.

With a cast including Geena Davis and Tim Robbins, the performances are as tasteful and highly polished as the decor in Marjorie’s elegant and expensive Los Angeles beach front home.

Moving at a hypnotic pace, the stage bound script toys with time and questions the relationship between thought and identity, often making us feel as if we’re eavesdropping on someones deeply personal and very expensive therapy.




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