Cert 15 124min Stars 4

Grim fatalism hangs over this magnificently maudlin and bitterly bleak Russian drama, which won best film at 2017’s prestigious London Film Festival.

The tense cold war between a recently divorced couple is heightened when their unwanted 12 year old son goes missing.

Boris and Zhenya savagely unload blame and guilt on each other when they eventually realise something is wrong. The more time we spend with them the more we pity their young teen.

This is a damning critique of modern Russia, with the church, state and corporations failing to offer assistance or solace.

A voluntary organisation provides the only help, and their selfless members are an argument there’s nothing wrong with the Russian people, but a great deal at fault with the governing institutions.

Loveless has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film as was director Andrey Zvyagintsev’s previous film, 2014’s even more scathing Leviathan, which won the Oscar.



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