Cert 15 94mins Stars 4

A high school student yearns to spread her wings in this compelling coming-of-age drama.

In director Greta Gerwig’s typical semi-biographical style, she’s fashioned an honest and droll account of high school, which could almost be an unofficial prequel to her 2013 arthouse hit, Frances Ha.

Only 23 years old and convincingly playing five years younger, Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan has deservedly secured her third Oscar nomination as Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson. 

With wit and quiet economy, the script also acts as a critique of other teenage films by turning traditional Hollywood narratives on their head. 

So driving tests, prom night, and losing ones virginity aren’t the grandstanding life changing experiences they’re frequently presented as being. Instead Lady Bird slowly begins to appreciate her mother is also a person.

Nominated for five Oscars, apart from Ronan I doubt this will win on the big night. But any film which tells teens they’re not the centre of the universe has got to be worth watching.


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