Cert 15 88mins Stars 3

There’s one bad mother on the loose in this brisk and effective home invasion thriller.

When her kids are taken hostage in her own luxurious, remote and hi-tech fortified mansion, an ordinary mum has to break in to try and rescue them.

There aren’t many black female fortysomethings given the opportunity to reinvent themselves as an action star.

Gabrielle Union seizes the moment with two fists, carrying the movie as the resourceful, brave and desperate parent.

Meanwhile the four armed and ruthless criminals inside are seeking the millions in cash they believe is locked in a secret safe.

Intent on squeezing out as much action as possible from the limited location, the script doesn’t dwell on the social commentary inherent in having a black family terrorised by white guys in pursuit of cash.

And although it feels as if some gory elements have been edited out of the more brutal moments, Breaking In will smash and grab your attention.


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