Cert PG 95mins Stars 4

There’s an acute emotional intimacy to this deliberately downbeat drama based in Oldham’s community of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It’s a religion pretty much all but ignored by cinema and is part of the multi-faith working class town where it’s shot on location with local accents.

At the story’s heart are a trio of wonderfully natural and unsentimental performances, lead by Siobhan Finneran. She plays a devout single mum who struggles to square the demands of her congregational elders with the needs of her young adult daughters, Molly Wright and Sacha Parkinson.

As questions of faith and religion battle family and science, the script by debut director Daniel Kokotajlo is careful to not to condemn the religion and offer an explanation how a middle aged woman finds herself in a rainswept shopping precinct and spreading the word of Jehovah.

Catholicism is dismissed as being as ‘airy-fairy’, which is possibly the nicest comment my religion has received in the history of movies.

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