Cert 15 86mins Stars 3

This bittersweet day-in-the-life-drama is a far more appetising and nourishing experience than the food served in the US ‘breastaurant’ where Regina Hall’s middle-aged manager works.

After her winning performance in 2017’s raucous comedy Girls’ Trip, the actress gives a wonderfully natural turn as the busily maternal Lisa.

While valiantly attempting to uphold standards of service, dress and decorum in her young staff, Lisa finds herself at a crossroads in life among the motorised sprawl of Texas.

Double Whammies is euphemistically called a sports bar, and while the male owner insists it’s a mainstream family environment, he provides a diet of ‘boobs, brews and big screens’ to a mostly male clientele.

Loyally assisting Lisa in negotiating a daily menu of customers, cooks, cops and criminals, are the drily no-nonsense Shayna McHayle, and Haley Lu Richardson’s ray of sunshine.

And the trio provide a welcome scream of defiance in the face of limited life choices and the myth of the American dream.



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