Cert 15 115mins Stars 3

Experience the spotlight life of 1980’s pop cultural icon Grace Jones, in this revealing documentary.

Combining lengthy concert video footage from her recent tour of Ireland with candid  behind the scenes insight, this is an intimate portrait of a fiercely independent artist.

Much to delight of  decades-loyal fan base, the fearless and flamboyant singer, actor and model still appears onstage in little more than hats, heels and corsets. 

This forward looking film has no historical stats of chart success, income earned or film roles. There’s not so much as a birthdate. 

Instead we see her operating today as a business woman who acts as her own agent and manager.

A bilingual grandmother, Jones is knowingly funny, sharply intelligent and unapologetically opinionated. She lives in expensive hotel suites and fuels herself on a singular diet of champagne and oysters.

It’s a lot to take in, but then Jones has always been about excess.

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