Cert 15 86mins Stars 3

Explore the life of a modern single woman in this low budget British drama which resembles Bridget Jones without the jokes. 

This ode to a multicultural world of pubs, cabs and kebabs, is far from a glossy tourist trap vision of London, but one reeking of urban isolation, 21st century angst.

Outwardly cynical and quietly vulnerable, middle class Daphne works in the kitchen of an artisan restaurant and reads philosophy in her spare time.

Quick witted and articulate she’s an entertainingly abrasive character and Emily Beecham’s strong central performance offers wonderful depth.

It’s a gift of a role, full of complexity and contradiction. Refreshingly success in life is not measured by finding a wealthy husband but in recognising her own self worth.

When she witnesses a stabbing, she begins to lose herself in alcohol, drugs and sexual encounters.

The episodic script is painfully matter of fact about her unsatisfactory life and provides plenty of black humour but too little joy or laughter.


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