Cert U 87mins Stars 4

Explore her majesty’s private art collection with this documentary of the great 18th century Venetian landscape painter, Canaletto.

Perfect for those wanting an introduction his work and life, it’s based around a stunning public exhibition of his sketches, prints and paintings at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, which runs until November 12.

If you can’t get to London to see it, this is the next best thing.

Bursting with elements of everyday life, Canaletto’s glorious depictions of the city and its famous canals drove British tourism to the wealthy maritime city.

Canaletto’s agent Joseph Smith also happened to be the British Consul in Venice and the fascinating relationship between the two men is a great example of the conflicts which occur when art and commerce collide.

With an enjoyably conversational manner, curators and historians explain his significance and its historical context. The great artworks are photographed to their best advantage, and Venice is visited to remind us there is just one Canaletto.

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