Cert 15 163mins Stars 5

Prepare to see things you’ve never seen before in this astonishing sci-fi sequel.

In Brit 1982 Brit director Ridley Scott and star Harrison Ford created the most influential sci-fi film of the last 35 years.

I love the original Blade Runner so much I was consumed with gut wrenching nerves immediately before seeing this new trip to Los Angeles of the near future.

Attempting to compete with a visionary masterpiece seemed an act of absolute folly by new director Denis Villeneuve. And so it proved, the Canadian will just have to settle for making the best sci-fi film of the decade.

It’s a visually majestic, brilliantly acted, emotionally arresting and deeply humane epic which wrestles with questions of memory, identity, and the meaning of love and life.

Ford reprises the part of Deckard. As a Blade Runner he was employed to hunt and kill powerful slave androids, called replicants.

However the lead role is occupied by broodingly charismatic Ryan Gosling.

Villeneuve has asked for the plot not to be revealed, but it’s safe to tell you Gosling plays a Blade Runner called K who is employed by the LAPD.

While on an assignment, the hired killer makes a discovery which challenges the world order and makes him question his own beliefs.

There’s a strong spiritual core plus environmental concerns and social commentary are stitched into the rich fabric its incredible design. British cinematographer Roger Deakins will surely receive his 14th Oscar nomination, and hopefully an overdue first win for his mesmerising work.

There are impressive flying cars, fist fights, gun battles and people being punched through walls.

But this is an intense and serious minded odyssey for grown ups, one without the easy pleasures of a light hearted romp such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I haven’t stopped thinking about this masterpiece since I saw it, and I probably still will be in 2049.

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