Cert 15 92mins Stars 3

Since Woody Harrelson found fame as a dim barman in TV’s Cheers, he’s been a reliably entertaining and muscular comic actor in a busy career. Occasionally the 55 year old is accused of acting and has deservedly picked up two Oscar nominations.

One of my favourite actors, he’s at the centre of everything that’s good about this oddball black comedy-drama.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Daniel Clowes, Harrelson stars as a curmudgeonly couch potato who re-evaluates his life when his dad dies.

His life spirals in unexpected ways when he decides to track down his wayward ex wife, Pippi. With tattoos and scarecrow hair, Laura Dern is more than Wilson’s match.

The sweary script is is full of eccentric performances, gripes about modern technology and merrily mocks the moneyed middle class.

However it has a sweet heart and is disappointingly as enamoured of second chances and the importance of family as any mainstream Hollywood film.

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