Cert 12A 132mins Stars 1

Sam Worthington finds god but loses any credibility in this toe curlingly cloying drama.

The UK born, Australia raised Hollywood actor has worked consistently since starring in sci-fi epic Avatar, without ever being in danger of offering an interesting performance.

Here he’s a hoarse whispering devoted father of three who has lost his belief in god after a difficult upbringing, committing a cardinal sin and suffering a family tragedy.

Receiving a letter in the post from the big guy upstairs, he travels to the frostbitten mountain shack where he has a divine experience. At least someones having a good time.

Faith based films are big box office in the US due to the preponderance of flag waving Christians, but are received less warmly in the UK by audiences who prefer to keep their religion for Sunday best.

An overlong sermon of the importance of blind faith in god, represented here by a gender swapping, multi-ethnic holy trinity.

This made me fearful of the possibility of an afterlife.

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