Cert U 97mins Stars 3

Escape your job and embrace your family with this energetic and colourful animation.

It’s a bold choice to make a kids’ movie whose main plot is a corporate conspiracy and has jokes about ‘yes men’, memos and meetings.

But by throwing in a top drawer cast alongside pirates, dinosaurs, spaceships and an aeroplane load of Elvis impersonators, this romp makes the balance sheet add up.

With the arrival of a baby brother, the perfect world of seven year old Tim Templeton is thrown into disarray.

Tim discovers the suit wearing, memo writing interloper can secretly talk, and describes himself as The Boss Baby.

The script suggests all CEO’s are uncaring career obsessives because they never received enough love as a children. I’m sure those loveable scamps Alan Sugar or Richard Branson could not agree less.

Tim’s parents work for Puppy Co., a global manufacturer of pets toys. The company have hatched a plan to replace children with puppies in the affections of every family around the world.

So the squabbling siblings join forces to restore harmony to the home.

Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Tobey Maguire and Lisa Kudrow bring their considerable experience to the pint sized cast.

It’s never dull and is a reasonable family diversion during the Easter break. There’s lots of corporate jokes for the adults and there are enough bare bums on show plus vomit and snot, to amuse the little ones.

Tim’s over active imagination is given full flight in a series of fabulous fantasy sequences. Presented in a variety of animation styles, they’re the highlights of the film and as a result, this is best seen in 3D.

I’m surprised to find I enjoyed The Boss Baby as much as I did, mostly because I’m not such a great fan of puppies or babies. Or to be honest, bosses.



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