Cert PG 84mins Stars 4

Jump straight into this inspirational coming of age documentary set in African American all girls high school.

Stepping is a form of choreographed dance, resembling a high tempo hip hop Haka performed by teenage Olympians.

In the impoverished area of Baltimore and to the backdrop of race riots sparked by the death of an African American man in police custody, a state school has set itself the ambitious target of having all its final year girls earning a place at university.

Our introduction to the girls is through their Step team, they’re trying to win a championship as well as push themselves academically.

The title also refers to the number of step siblings and parents on show, and the formidable hurdles of race, class and money the the students must clear in order to succeed.

Highly motivated and aspirational teachers channel the girls’ passion and determination into their ferocious routines, you’ll kick yourself if you miss this.


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