Cert 15 90mins Stars 2

There’s not too much out of this world about this teen drama, which has a distinctly British atmosphere.

It’s constructed with a rickety homemade charm and uses the under-explored visual texture of Aldershot as a launching pad.

But the haphazard storytelling fails to achieve escape velocity. Looping around in an unambitious orbit, it’s powered by hormones, angst, an over abundance of black eyeliner and experimental hair styles.

Displaying more exuberance than experience, the mostly young cast are suitably self-obsessed as they indulge in role playing and discuss at length their preferences regarding blood, death, sex, beer, unicorns, black holes, vampires and fairies.

Alexa Davies is nicely off kilter as Lucidia, a cyber-goth teenager who fantasises about aliens. She’s suffering from the fallout of her mother’s suicide and has a difficult relationship with her father.

Her friends assume Lucidia’s been abducted by extra-terrestrials when she goes missing and fails to phone home.

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