Cert 15 95mins Stars 2

This run of the mill thriller may offer some respite for sufferers of insomnia.

The stakes are established early and fail to escalate, so we idly watch some decently-staged action scenes and the glossy neon glow of Las Vegas at night.

As a corrupt cop called Vincent, the well fed Jamie Foxx sees his chickens come home to roost when his son is kidnapped by the mob.

These include gangsters, a casino boss, more corrupt cops and Michelle Monaghan’s Internal Affairs police officer, who ambitiously wants to arrest everybody at once.

At the centre of the plot is a bin bag of cocaine who everyone wants to get their hands on.

As the cast chase each other a crowded Las Vegas casino, the cocaine changes hands in the manner of a fizzing bomb in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. By the end I’d forgotten who had it or why I cared.

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