Cert 15 111mins Stars 3

There was a mild buzz of disappointment at Sunday’s Bafta awards ceremony when this modest drama failed to convert any of its four nominations into even a single award.

It’s the sincere, sensitive and well crafted coming out story of Chiron, a shy, impoverished young gay African American in Miami. Played by a different actors, the three part structure shows him as a school boy, teenager and adult.

Chiron’s only role model is a local gangster, Juan. It’s a decent if remarkably over rated performance by Mahershala Ali, currently the bookies favourite for best supporting actor Oscar.

The House of Cards star also plays a small role in Hidden Figures, but where that film looks upwards to the heavens, Moonlight’s eyes are downcast. This introverted nature contributes to the films’ failure to move the heart to the intended degree.

‘Who are you?’ asks Chiron’s only friend after a ten year absence. After watching the film, I’m none the wiser.

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