Cert 15 115mins Stars 3

One of the most notorious CIA operations is given some Hollywood gloss in this brisk paced and colourful real life caper.

What eventually blew up as the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s began with a dimwit pilot called Barry Seal, who was employed by the CIA to smuggle guns and cocaine to and from Central and South America.

US Colonel Oliver North, drug baron Pablo Escobar and CIA chief’s son George W Bush are just some of the famous people Barry encounters on his increasingly dangerous escapades.

A satirical script requires Tom Cruise to play dumb, which isn’t easy for the intelligent actor. Plus his clean cut image means Barry is never seen indulging in any of cocaine he transported.

And once again the 55 year old is paired with a romantic interest more than 20 years his junior.

The young Cruise once aspired to win Oscars and still yet might, but he won’t be receiving any nominations for this lightweight if entertaining romp.

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