Cert 12A 92mins Stars 3

This supernatural melodrama sees best actor Oscar winner Casey Affleck hiding the light of his talent not under a bushel, but under a bed sheet.

Affleck is at his most furrowed and mumbling even before his character suffers an early death. The actor spends most of the movie hidden in the classic kids costume of a bed sheet with two holes cut out and not saying a word. 

Occasional moments of black humour break out as Affleck communicates with the ghost next door. 

Tastefully somber, this mournful meditation on the meaning of life is almost provocative in its refusal to engage in anything as crowd pleasing as drama.

But as Affleck spends an eon mourning for his lost love played by Rooney Mara, I began longing for the grubby pleasures of Demi Moore and her potters wheel from 1990’s weepie, Ghost.

For all the grand cosmic sweep and the literary influences, like it’s main character there’s not much going on underneath.


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