Cert 15 94mins Stars 3

Raven-haired rocker, Joan Jett, is best known for her classic 1982 single, I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, and as this unquestioning documentary amply demonstrates, she’s still rocking the free world at the age of 60.

While coyly skirting around her private life, Jett talks us through her career as part of the all-girl glam rock group, The Runaways, and later as singer of her own group, The Blackhearts, plus there’s a lot of onstage footage, artists such as Iggy Pop and Blondie are interviewed, while Miley Cyrus swings by to sing Jett’s praises.

Having emerged out of the Los Angeles LGBT club scene of early 1970s, and alongside the women’s liberation movement, Jett is presented as an important trailblazer in the macho and misogynist 1970’s rock industry.

But claims to legendary status are overstated due a deficit of hit songs and the lack of  evolution in her look and sound, especially in comparison for a singer born the same year as Madonna.

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