Cert 12A 120mins Stars 3

Hollywood gives a makeover to a spartan legal warrior in this earnest and easy to follow biopic of US lawyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Now an 85 year old Supreme Court judge and a popular media figure who’s known to her devotees as RBG, she made her name fighting gender inequality.

Her long career is boiled down here down to a landmark legal case of 1972. When Charles Moritz is denied to claim a caregiver’s tax deduction because he’s a man, RBG argues in the Appeals court discrimination on the basis of sex is unconstitutional.

As well as demonstrating her willingness to fight for men as well as women, the timeframe allows for the box office friendly casting of Star Wars: Rogue One star, Felicity Jones as the young firebrand.

The Brit actress gives an impassioned portrayal alongside screen husband, Armie Hammer, whom the script is contradictorily over keen to crowbar in at every opportunity, leaving us to think RBG deserves better. 


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