Cert U 85mins Stars 3

A tiger comes to tea in this super-cute animated adventure sequel to 2016’s monster hit and serves up the lions share of holiday family fun for your very little ones.

Max and Duke are confirmed New York City dogs who have a fish out of water experience when taken by their owners on a countryside holiday.

Meanwhile back home Max’s poodle friend has to rescue a prized toy from a litter of feral felines, and their bunny neighbour dreams of being a carrot munching crime fighter.

They’re brought back together in a looney tunes-style caper which results in our heroes on board a circus train chased by a pack of wolves in order to save a tiger cub from it’s cruel owner.

It often feels more a loose collection of jokes and sketches than a fully fleshed-out feature, but the quality of the animation is top dog and Harrison Ford delivers a droll turn as the voice of a Welsh Sheepdog.


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