Cert U 70mins Stars 2

Super powered puppies bounce into action with boundless enthusiasm in this eager-to-please animation aimed at pre-schoolers.

A spin-off from the Nickelodeon TV series with no discernible increase in quality, it’s a mercifully brief adventure full of harmless buffoonery, bad puns and robot dancing from an err, giant robot.

A moon rocket belonging to the blundering mayor Humdinger and his nefarious nephew causes cartoon canine chaos among the inhabitants of Adventure Bay when it collides with a meteor which crashes to Earth.

Seeing it bestows super powers of speed, strength, flight and so on, on our plucky puppy heroes, the baddies steal the meteorite to gain its powers for themselves and kidnap the Paw Patrol’s human leader for good measure.

So the pups to launch an audacious rescue from the villains’ flying lair and attempt to save the day.

There are sufficient uncomplicated, colourful, and cheap looking capers to occupy the little ones, while parents do their best to have a catnap.

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