Cert 15 85mins Stars 3

With even the biggest screen barely able to contain his formidable charisma, the former frontman of 1990’s rockers, Oasis, swaggers into cinemas with this indulgent documentary charting his recent life with a cheerily casual and charitable eye.

It’s a reasonable attempt to rebrand the notorious hedonist as a fitness-minded family man and tea drinking elder statesman of rock music.

He was rescued from a post-Oasis creative, personal and financial low by his new manager and romantic partner, Debbie, and their complex relationship has interesting echoes of the marriage of reformed wild man, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon.

Liam’s mother is a scene-stealing Irish charm, and he can’t resist sticking the boot again into his brother, Noel, whose absence along with the songs of Oasis is a loss.

Irresistibly funny and foul-mouthed, Liam’s a fascinating mix of humility, arrogance, sensitivity and bravado. Plus judging by recent musical output, he’s also the most interesting and talented member of the family.

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