Cert PG 108mins Stars 3

Friendship wears a furry face in this live action family fable full of love and loyalty which will have dog lovers wagging their tails.

A sequel to 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose it follows the many lives of the eager-to-please and  excitable pooch, Bailey, whose thoughts we hear thanks to the comic voice-over of Josh Gad.

Each time Bailey dies and reincarnates in a variety of breeds in different locations, he remembers his masters command to protect his granddaughter, CJ.

Bailey turns up to help her at moments of crises but they’re all bark and no bite and balanced with lots of bum-sniffing comedy to entertain your pups.

CJ is winningly played as an adult by former TV Skins star, Kathryn Prescott, with veterans Dennis Quaid and Marg Helgenberger going full pelt to pour on the treacle.

Despite being an avowed cat person, even I could feel this soppy shaggy dog story pulling on my heartstrings. Doggone it.

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