Cert 12A 89mins Stars 4

Bill Nighy is a debonair delight in this charming, elegant, whimsical and unexpectedly moving gem of British comedy-drama mystery.

Sporting an initially distracting Scouse accent, Nighy plays a scrabble-loving tailor who is called to the morgue to identify a body which possibly is that of his missing adult son.

A sensitive veil is drawn across the detail of this gruesome errand, and leads to the elderly widower attempting to reconnect with his surviving family.

With great precision Bootle-born director Carl hunter, uses uniquely beautiful and highly-stylised set design and a deliberate sense of artificiality to bring an air of timelessness to this warmhearted and funny fable.

A uniformly excellent featuring Jenny Agutter, Sam Riley, and Alexei Sayle, are fortunate to work from the wonderfully droll and articulate script by Liverpool-born writer Frank Cottrell Boyce, who finds joy in the everyday and ordinary and whose love of words and language is in every line of delicious dialogue.



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