Cert 15 94mins Stars 3

It’s great to see Jodie Foster back on the big screen in this agreeably offbeat, stylish and violent near-future thriller.

After a five year gap she returns with a typically sharp-tongued and vulnerable performance, and has been aged to look twenty years older than real life, but there’s no disguising her distinctive voice or talent.

She plays the in-house nurse who operates as a surgeon and concierge with a humorously doleful Dave Bautista as her much put-upon assistant.

Jeff Goldblum and Sofia Boutella offer great value among the collection of assassins, gangsters and bank robbers. 

Decorated in a moody art decor style similar to Keanu Reeves’ John Wick movies, the Artemis is a heavily fortified and hi-tec Los Angeles hospital which caters exclusively to criminals.

But when the strict rules are broken, the fragile truce between the guests shatters. As the violence escalates it becomes clear you can check in to this Californian Hotel, but some can never leave.


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