Cert PG 125mins Stars 4

It’s been a scarcely credible 14 years since we were first introduced to the animated exploits of films’ first family of superheroes.

And now Mr and Mrs Incredible and their 3 kids are back with brilliant blockbuster adventure.

It’s powered by strongly drawn and relatable characters, fabulous retro design and consummate technical skill, plus a smart and funny script begins and ends the fun with two great action sequences, making for a gorgeous, entertaining and exciting time.

Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter return as the voices of Mr Incredible and his wife Elastigirl, who with their three super-powered kids combat a new super-villain, the mysterious Screenslaver. He has the power to hypnotise the population through their TV screens.

They’re joined in the battle by Samuel L. Jackson’s cool hero and fan favourite, Frozone, and are once again kitted out in costumes by the eccentric Edna Mode.

An admirable determination to deal with gender issues means we hear a lot of how Elastigirl feels guilty being out fighting crime and leaving the kids with her hubby, while he struggles on the domestic front with his super cute and film-stealing toddler, Jackjack.

And the plot deals extensively  with the legality of superheroes which was a reasonably fresh idea in 2004, but not now after umpteen Marvel films discussing the issue. And there’s a lot of navel gazing discussion about the cinema audience’s need for superheroes which will sail over your kids’ heads.

Plus the villain’s identity is obvious and the small stakes involves saving monorails, and super yachts, not preventing the end of the world.

Nevertheless when it works it really works, something which shouldn’t be sniffed at when you consider Pixar’s history of sequels veers from the magnificent Toy Story films to the lacklustre Cars trilogy.

Incredibles 2 has already taken over half a billion pounds at the global box office, so I don’t imagine we’ll be waiting 14 years for the next one.

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