Cert 15 95mins Stars 2

The future of our species is barely at stake in this sci-fi thriller which is characterised by a significant lack of tension or urgency.

Barely remembered for 2009’s Avatar, Sam Worthington is the de facto leader of a group of military volunteers subjected to experimental drugs designed to enhance their evolution.

This is to enable them to survive the hostile environment on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, which humanity must colonise due to the Earth’s over-population and pollution.

However the majority of the film takes place in an idyllic mountaintop retreat, full of infinity pools and barbecues.

Potential side effects of the treatment include increased aggression, hair loss, vomiting blood, and death.

When the test subjects begin to develop tremendous underwater skills, the wife of one smells something fishy and begins a secret investigation of her own.

Chief scientist and modern day Dr Frankenstein is played by the venerable Tom Wilkinson, with former model Agyness Deyn sporting the latest line in laboratory casual wear as his assistant.


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