PETER RABBIT Cert PG Running time 95 minutes Stars 3

Fans of Beatrix Potter’s evergreen children’s books may be disappointed by her classic work being reinvented as this madcap adventure which mixes live action with impressive CGI and some lovely traditional animation.

Only loosely based on her books and possessing none of their subtle grace and whimsy, it combines elements of a Richard Curtis style romcom with the gleefully manically violent slapstick of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

With his usual overbearing smug bravado, James Corden voices the irresponsible Peter Rabbit.

Meanwhile Rose Byrne and Domhnall Gleeson don their most English accents as human countryside neighbours, whose vegetable garden is fought over by Peter and his furry friends.

Potter’s gentle tone has been updated with a self aware irony and jokes about healthy diets. The energy is pumped up with dance routines and pop songs.

Though not as charming, funny or exciting as the recent Paddington Bear adaptations, its cute animals and lively pace will keep younger kids entertained.




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