GRINGO Cert 15 Running time 110 minutes Stars 1

This action comedy with a great cast looks great on paper but terrible on the big screen.

Brit actor David Oweyolo plays Harold, a put-upon employee of a US pharmaceutical firm who is kidnapped while working in Mexico.

Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried and Thandie Newton appear alongside Charlize Theron who also produced the film. Edgerton’s brother directs and this cosy set up probably contributed to the general air of indulgence in the filmmaking.

Though offering a reward for Harold’s return, his duplicitous bosses would rather claim on the life insurance and a local drugs cartel become involved.

Never funny, fast or furious enough to entertain, and we’re asked to feel sympathy for too many double-crossing, violent and greedy people, none of whom we care about and all of which are stupid and/or obnoxious.

Tone deaf, sluggishly paced and laugh free, it sees countless bullets wasted on a showdown. And it’s a shame some of the characters survive.

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