FINDING YOUR FEET Cert 12A Running time 111 minutes Stars 3

Estranged sisters reconnect in this warm and bittersweet drama for the never-too-late generation.

Imelda Staunton is uptight and posh, but down on her luck, and has to move in with her poor but easy-going sibling, played by the saucy Celia Imrie.

It’s a British senior citizen riff on A Street Car Named Desire. Only with a lot less of Marlon Brando’s awesome sweaty animal magnetism, and a bit more cheery Timothy Spall and a nice hot cup of tea.

The veteran actors use their experience and charm to polish the pedestrian script and lift this into a sprightly and enjoyable experience, one it would be churlish to sneer at.

Gently exploring the difficulties of late middle age with good humour and sadness, it meanders a little as the producers eke their money’s worth out of Joanna Lumley.

And the message of refusing to stop dreaming just because we reach a certain age is one I’m increasingly keen to embrace.

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