SUGGS: MY LIFE STORY Cert 15 Running time 96 minutes stars 4

Embrace complete Madness in the company of pop star Graham ‘Suggs’ McPherson, frontman of the nations favourite ska band and surrogate big brother to the school kids of my generation.

Appropriately irrepressible, chaotic, joyous and very funny, it’s a first hand account of the rise up the charts of the seven strong London outfit.

Directed by Julien Temple who made 1979’s The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle, he stands Suggs on a musical hall stage in front of family and friends.

Suggs then uses his fiftieth birthday as a springboard for anecdotes, animations and songs, tempered by a touching account of searching for his wayward father who abandoned his mother in Suggs’ early childhood.

Echoing their best songs such as Baggy Trousers, it’s bursting with passion, vitality, comradeship, nostalgia and riotous observation.

When I wasn’t laughing, I was trying not to sing along so as not to spoil it for everyone else. It’s unleashed into cinemas on Wednesday.

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