BRIGSBY BEAR Cert 15 Running time 97 minutes Stars 3

Tune in to this sweet natured and enjoyably left field film based on the adventures of an animatronic man-sized bear.

Brigsby is the star of a self titled long running sci-fi TV show. Kyle Mooney is childishly enthusiatic as James, his number one fan. When the 25 year old discovers there are no new episodes, he sets off to create his own feature length follow up.

Touching on the dark subjects of kidnap, abuse and mental illness, this is primarily a love letter to the work of Steven Spielberg. James is affectionately styled to look like a youthful incarnation of the world greatest living director.

In advance of his return next week as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mark Hammill makes his presence felt in a key role.

In doing so he confers a blessing on the obsessive film geek community for their devotion, a trait the story celebrates in its strangely uplifting and furry way.



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