BETTER WATCH OUT Cert 15 Running time 89 minutes Stars 4

There’s mayhem and murder among the mince pies and mistletoe in this violent and funny festive comedy horror.

Riffing on classics Home Alone and Ferris Bueller, the twisted story sees 12 year old Luke making plans to have sex with his beautiful 17 year old babysitter, Ashley.

However they’re surprised a masked intruder with a gun and become trapped in their home.

As the mismatched pair, Levi Miller and Olivia DeJonge give energetic performances, skilfully and intelligently driving the desired tone.

Rejection, revenge and psychosis pepper the smartly constructed script. It’s very aware of itself and gleefully toys with our expectations as it leads us on its merry dance of death.

And though it raises important issues of consent, abuse, peer pressure, male privilege and influence of porn, this is never allowed to interrupt the fun.

With the title taking its cue from my 2nd favourite Christmas song, this is a joyously acerbic antidote to this sentimental time of year.


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