BRAKES Cert 15 Running time 88 minutes Stars 2

Now comic Noel Fielding has achieved mainstream success as a judge on The Great British Bake Off, he’s being used to sell this this improvisational ensemble comedy to a bigger audience than it may have first hoped for when it was made last year.

However new fans will be disappointed at his limited screen time and old fans will be unamused to find him playing straight.

Patchy and indulgent and captured in a faux documentary style, it offers moments of embarrassment but no outright laughs.

We visit nine London couples all in the process of breaking up, and then we flash back to see them meeting for the first time. The characters predominantly seem to be various unsympathetic media types.

Creative driving force Mercedes Grower casts Fielding as her love interest in her directorial debut. She generously acknowledges the cast’s contribution to her script but perhaps next time she should release the brakes on her typewriter before beginning filming.



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